Hamamatsu Kite Festival


Hamamatsu Kite Festival (浜松まつり) is Japanese festival in Hamamatsu. It is generally known to have multiple kites, along with a lot of kite battles through the days it is held. The festival also displays examples of Japanese culture through food, and general items available for purchase in merchant booths at the festival.

The kite battle is a special event of Hamamatsu Kite Festival, the kite battle is called Takogassen(凧合戦) and is done at Takoba(凧場).

The History of Hamamatsu Kite Festival

One of the features of the Hamamatsu Festival is that it is an “city festival”. Unlike the Tenka Matsuri in Tokyo and the Gion Matsuri in Kyoto, it is a “citizen’s festival” that has nothing to do with the shrines and temples.

According to one theory, the beginning of the Hamamatsu Festival was to fly a kite high in the castle in celebration of the birth of the eldest son of Hikima’s eldest son, who ruled Hamamatsu at that time, in the Eiroku period (1558 to 1569) about 450 years ago. However, it is said that this is the origin of kite flying, but it is not certain as a record.

In addition, as for what remains in the record, there is a description of a kite in the record of the Kansei period (1789 to 1800). The strong wind called “Enshu no Karafu” is a favorable condition for kite flying in terms of climate, and the tradition of “First kite” celebrating the birth of a child has taken root in the area until now as the Hamamatsu Festival.

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