How to Fly a Kite without Wind


As we all know, kites need wind to fly, the scientific principles please refer to the article:The Science of Flying a Kite.some of you may be adamant to go kite flying even when there’s no wind,you can try the following techniques if you’re trying to learn how to fly a kite without wind:

1.Pick a kite that doesn’t need wind

How much wind it takes to fly a kite will depend upon a variety of factors. For example, what shape is your kite? Some kites are designed to be very aerodynamic, which means they make the most of the slightest breezes and don’t need much wind to get airborne.

Panying kite

Panying kite(hawk kite) is a traditional Chinese craft kite. Due to the unique design and craftsmanship of the Panying kite, it has left and right flying, hurrying, slowing in the air, will not fall in the hover, the outlet ability is super strong, the flight is stable, the static balance is good, the flying angle is high, it can be in the breeze Even normal flight without wind.

2.Ride a Bike or a Lawnmower


When there’s absolutely no wind, some people have been able to fly their kites while riding a bike or a lawnmower. However, this isn’t entirely recommended because there could be some safety risks when you’re trying to focus on controlling the both.

3.Use a Helium Balloon

You could even attach a helium balloon to your kite if you’re trying to figure out how to fly a kite without wind. Serious kite-flyers may not be too keen on this solution, but it’s a great solution when the kids must absolutely fly their kites. The following video shows you how to do it.


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