How To Make A Kite For Kids


How to spend a pleasant holiday with your children? Flying kites outdoors is a good choice. You can enjoy family fun during the DIY process, and then you can run together and watch the kites fly in the blue sky, there is nothing happier than this.

Now, follow me ,I will teach you how to make a simple diamond kite in just two steps.

diamond kite
diamond kite

What you need to prepare

• A roll of clear contact paper

• A ball of string

• Straws (two for the width, three for the length)

• Scissors to cut out tissue paper shapes

• Ribbon



STEP 1:Tie straws together at the center with string. Cut contact paper into two diamond shapes; peel backing off one and place sticky side up. Press straws onto paper.


STEP 2: Stick tissue paper shapes all over, then top with second diamond sheet. Loop string around each corner, then tie them together for the bridle. Add a ribbon tail.

After making a kite, let’s go out and play happily with your children!

If you don’t know how to fly a kite, you can refer to this article:


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